Hunger Royale

How to play: Use keys WASD for moving your character. Aim and shoot at enemies with the mouse.

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About Hunger Royale

Hunger Royale

Here comes another survival game with Battle Royale concept! Play Hunger Royale now to prove your fighting skills and encounter many more opponents from around the world. Your sole objective in this fierce 2D Shooter game is to kill everyone that you see on the map to become the last man standing. Roam the arena carefully to collect a bunch of weapons, food as well as some health kits, then you make a good use of them to get rid of your rivals while attempting to protect yourself from being shot by them. Keep an eye on your food and health bars! They will run out through over time, so you need to refill them to stay alive longer. Watch out for the dangerous enemies that like to ambush the others! Don’t let them catch you off guard, or you won’t be able to win the combat. Are you ready? Start the game now!

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