How to play: Control your character by utilizing arrow keys. Use up arrow key for jumping, and if you press it twice, you can perform double jump.

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Do you know what it takes to become the best bouncy ball in Hopz.io which is a fantastic IO game? Feel free to join this Multiplayer game right now and see if you can stay alive longer or not! You must take control of your ball and attempt to stop other enemies from hopping over you. Once getting jumped over, you will die instantly, causing your game to be over. The only way for killing your rivals is to take a leap over them carefully while trying to defend yourself. To do so, you must perform several fancy moves and utilize your tactics. When you catch sight of someone heading towards you, make sure you step backwards and run away from them. Don’t let them come closer, or else you can’t elude their assaults. Try your hardest to survive as long as possible then you can take a lead. The game allows you to customize your own ball by choosing your favorite eyes and a mouth. Enjoy it now!

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