How to play: Move your black hole around the city using the mouse.

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About Hole.io


Play as a hungry hole that likes to eat everything in a big city in Hole.io – another web browser game inspired by Agar.io. You are just a small hole when you spawn in the city and your job is to absorb a lot of small items, like street lights, post boxes or even humans. The more objects you consume, the larger you are, which surely gives you more strength. You will come across multiple enemies in the shapes of the hole as well. Feel free to hunt down the smaller ones while staying away from the bigger ones. If you absorb your smaller opponents, you will get big more quickly, and also, a lot of points will be given to you. But everything will come to an end if you get eaten by the bigger enemies, so make sure to play carefully and tactically. Can you rule the leaderboard? Try the game now!

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