How to play: Use the left mouse button to expose a hexagon. Click right mouse to mark a hexagon with a flag.

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About HexSweep.io


In the world of HexSweep.io, you have to enlarge your own territory by uncovering a lot of empty tiles without hitting any bombs. This strategy IO game can be considered as an upgraded version of the classic Windows game of minesweeper, and it promises to be much funnier. You are armed with a small section of the map. So try your hardest to extend it by identifying empty spaces accurately. You should gradually expose the hexagons around one by one. If it’s a mine, you need to mark it with a flag. If a hexagon is identified incorrectly, and turns out it’s a mine, you will be blown up, causing you to restart it from scratch if you want to join the game again. You are going to play with so many opponents from around the world. Make sure you show off your skills and use good strategies to outplay all of them for a chance of winning. Have fun!

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