How to play: Move around the map with arrow keys or WASD. Fire enemies with the left mouse, buy a unit using arrow keys.

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Play with many online opponents and challenge them to a brutal shooting battle. In this 2D Shooter game, you will have to send out squadron units into the fight then let them help you defeat the opponents. You must direct your units carefully around the map to hunt for the rivals as well as gather many boxes. Then, you use the boxes as currency to send out further soldiers. Try to earn more money so you will be able to purchase high-level squadrons. The enemies will become much more difficult to deal with, which is why you need to deploy stronger squadrons. Do not let the rivals sneak up on your units. You’d better stay watchful for the surroundings and always have your skills ready to overcome their attacks more easily. Keep building your troops, survive as long as possible then reach the top of the leaderboard to build your dominance.

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