How to play: Direct the gnome using arrow keys or WASD. Use the spacebar for placing a bomb, hold and release to throw it.

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Gembrawl-io is a fascinating strategy free-for-all web-browser game putting you in the shoes of a garden gnome. Once the game is kicked off, you will roam through the map in an attempt to blow up other gnomes using the bombs. You should plant these bombs skillfully near the rivals then trap them into a corner so they will get blown up by your bombs easily. At the same time, you must defend yourself from getting destroyed by their bombs as well, otherwise, your game will be over, causing you to restart it from scratch. Remember to gather the red gems dispersed on the floor to enhance and upgrade yourself, also, you must kit them out with brand new accessories. If you play with excellent strategies, you will find it much easier to vanquish the gem brawl arena. Jump into the game arena now to start the challenges! Good luck to you!

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