How to play: Use the mouse to draw and use the keyboard to type your guesses as well as chat with others.

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Play a super duper fun web browser game called! It’s a wonderful drawing and guessing game in which you will compete against so many friends from across the world in many rounds. You have to take a turn to draw stuff relating to a specific word and make sure you won’t give out too many hints. If more players send the right word, you will earn points! Conversely, when someone is drawing, you need to focus on what he/she is drawing, think the send out your right guess as fast as possible. If you get it right, you will earn more points too. Besides playing the game, you are also able to chat with the friends. Feel free to talk to them and make friends with them if you want. When all the rounds come to an end, the one who got the highest point will become the ultimate winner!

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