Game Of Bombs

How to play: Use keys WASD to direct your character, press spacebar to plant bombs.

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About Game Of Bombs

Game Of Bombs

Game Of Bombs is an amazing Bomberman game with IO style taking you to a huge arena where you have to bomb all of your opponents. You will begin the game by destroying a lot of surrounding walls with your bombs in order to expand your pathway. Every single broken wall will give you a power-up, so make sure you will collect them as much as possible to boost your strength. Having more power-ups will easily lead you to the final success as you can get an edge over your rivals. Your enemies will move around the map too, so you have to take chances to get close to them. Attempt to get past all the obstacles, catch your enemies off guard, then quickly block their way with your planted bombs. They won’t be able to escape and will get blown up in just a bit. But you have to make sure that you always protect your Bomberman. Don’t get him bombed, or else your game will come to an end. Have fun!

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