How to play: Thrust around in space using key W or up arrow key. Press keys A/D or left/right arrow keys for turning. Use spacebar or click left mouse to fire. Press key Q or use the mouse scroll to change the weapons. Use key B for looking back, key T for opening the chat, and key P to get into the first-person view.

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About lets you play as a cunning pilot flying around in space with his awesome spaceship to engage in a brutal space combat with plenty of other enemy pilots. Show off your skills in this epic dogfight and try to conquer all opponents. When you fly through the cosmos, you will also have a chance to admire beautiful views with lots of great planets. Have your shooting skill ready all the time so you can quickly wipe out the rivals when you come across them. Make good use of your on-board weapons, and don’t forget to develop some strategies so you can cope with tougher opponents. You have to present your excellent pilot skills because it’s not easy to fly around in space full of enemies like that. Try to elude all meteorites as well as the rival bullets, or else you will be destroyed. The goal here is to reach the top of the leaderboard! Enjoy the game!

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