How to play: Use the mouse to move your snake. Shoot the balls at enemies using the left mouse. Speed up using the right mouse.

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About is also a great game that follows the Slither mechanics. You enter a huge arena as just a small snake roaming the map to hunt for a lot of colored gems dispersed on the ground. The more gems you absorb, the longer your body will become. While eating gems, you should elude contact with other enemy snakes, especially if you’re not ready for the fight against them. If you stay close to them without having any tactics to fight, you will get eaten for sure, causing the game to be over. Once you reach a good size, you can try shooting colored balls at your rivals and split their bodies in half to kill them. Protect yourself all the time since they can do the same to you. You shouldn’t shoot the balls too much, or else your length will be decreased. The goal here is to climb the top of the leaderboard!

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