How to play: Arrow keys or WASD are used for the movement. Press spacebar to dash, use the left mouse to fire, aim with the mouse and use the scroll or keys Q/E to change the weapons.

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About is a Style 2D Shooter that gets you through many rounds of a fierce combat rather than letting you play an endless fight. You spawn in the map as just a survivor who needs to finish off everything in sight to become the last one standing. But first, you must gear up yourself! Try to collect many weapons scattered on the ground then use them wisely to shoot down the rivals from afar. Don’t forget to pick up the mystery crates. You will probably receive boosts or some strong weapons. Also, you should try to collect the health packs to heal your hit points. They are all crucial items you need to always carry to overcome all dangers and challenges around you. Make sure you develop your own smart strategies throughout the combat then use them to beat the enemies without too much effort. Can you survive the fight and become the ultimate winner? Join it now!

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