Fakemon Club

How to play: Move with WASD. Use key V to open command menu, the left mouse to interact, key B to open the shop, key C to return to the trainer, key P to collect an item and key G to drop an item.

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About Fakemon Club

Fakemon Club

Grab a chance to become an excellent monster catcher and trainer in an awesome multiplayer game called Fakemon Club! In the game, your main mission is to go find a lot of monsters scattered around in the arena and you need to quickly capture them all before they get captured by someone else which can be your opponent. Once you have got them, you will start training your monsters, practice their abilities, keep them upgraded through over time and then send them out into the fight against other enemy monsters. You have to ensure that your monsters are strong enough to deal with their rivals. They will help you finish off any enemies standing in front of them, making them the best trainer of all, which is your main objective in the game. Try your hardest to prove your capabilities! Let’s kick off the game now! Have fun! Good luck to you!

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