How to play: Use WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Click left mouse to assault or gather items. Use key C to craft, key B to build, key I to open the inventory and key M to open a team.

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About Dynast.io


Dynast.io is an RPG Survival Strategy game in a browser. When you enter the game, you will start roaming around the map trying to search for resources to grow your character with nice tools and strong weapons and use them to help you on this interesting yet challenging journey. On your way, you will catch sight of many wild animals wandering around the lands and looking for their tasty meal. You must watch out for them as they will surely launch their attacks to you when they see you. Make good use of your tools to defeat them all before you end up dying. In addition, don’t forget to protect yourself from other players who also try to put your life to an end and steal your items. You need to construct your very own dynasty to last the ages, stay alive for as long as possible then build your ultimate dominance! Good luck!

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