How to play: The mouse is used for controlling your racer and drifting around the track. Press spacebar to use your specific skill, and click left mouse button to speed up.

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About Driftin.io


Drift around a challenging track in an amazing Multiplayer Racing IO game called Driftin.io now! You will start the game with a choice of your favorite type of racer, including bully, flash, hazard, buster, ambulamp, piercer, sludger, deprived, and racer. After you pick one, you will spawn into the arena directly and start drifting against other enemies. You have to speed up your racer and attempt to finish 20 laps first to become an ultimate winner. Each lap you complete will give you a chance to level up, and you will be able to improve your stats as well, such as movement speed, weapon damage, HP regen, max HP, as well as reload speed. You should perform your abilities carefully, get rid of your opponents and make sure that no one is ahead of you. Everybody is fighting for the top rank on the leaderboard, so you must climb the ladder and become the best racer of all!

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