How to play: Move your character by using the mouse. Press key W to throw out some mass, and key E to use the power-ups.

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Here comes another Agario-styled game! Play right now to enjoy new challenges, features as well as meet more players. The concept of the game is kind of similar to, however, you will surely feel the difference once joining. Your main task is to make a great teamwork with other friends in order to go seize more territories and defeat all opponents. The more realms your team claims, the more power-ups you will obtain, like bomb blobs, shield, and movement speed. These useful things will give you more strength to deal with the enemies. Just make sure that you won’t run into the larger enemies. Try to stay away from them and defend your character all the time, or else you will die soon. Don’t forget to absorb a lot of orbs for your growth, survive as long as possible and reach the highest spot on the leaderboard. Wish you luck!

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