How to play: The mouse is used for choosing tools, colors, and making your interesting creations in the game.

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Do you like to use pixels to create your favorite things? Now you can totally do that in a nice iO-styled Multiplayer game called! This Multiplayer game brings you to the world of pixels where you will be able to make anything you want. Pick a tool and some nice colors then begin to fill the pixel blocks with those colors until they form a complete picture. You should always try to protect your “work of art” since other players can use their own colors to destroy your creations. However, you can wander around the large-scale arena to ruin others’ works if you want. There is no limit here in the game, so this is such a good chance for you to fly high your creativity as well as meet new friends. The game features many awesome tools for your tasks, so just feel free to explore all of them! Have a blast with it!

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