Cubic Tower

How to play: Use the spacebar or click the left mouse to stack the blocks.

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About Cubic Tower

Cubic Tower

In a great classic tower stacking game called Cubic Tower, you will have a chance to present your stacking ability. The in-game mission is to stack blocks on top of each other for making a gigantic tower. Not all the blocks are the same! Some standard blocks won’t have an effect at all, but some special blocks will do. The special ones are armed with different special abilities, you need to stay watchful for them as they can sometimes help you but sometimes cause problems for your building. You will earn a lot of coins as you progress, then spend them on more different block characters. There is only one thing you need to make sure, which is that you mustn’t let the building collapse, or else you will start it again from scratch. Try to outplay all of your opponents using your strategies to become the best tower builder of all!

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