How to play: Direct your cat using the mouse. Use your skills by pressing keys QWE.

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In an awesome web browser game like, you become a cute cat trying to fight against enemies in the same arena. But first, you must feed your cat with food to help it grow up then go battle against others. You see that there are plenty of gems scattered on the ground. Try to gather them to get more XP, then you can level up to evolve your cat as well as learn further skills. It’s unavoidable to bump into the enemies. Once you come across them, you need to quickly bite them from behind while protecting yourself from being bitten by others. Make good use of your special moves to outplay your enemies. Develop your strategies throughout the combat then use them to overcome all challenges more easily. The main goal here is to become the biggest cat in the entire arena. Jump into the game now! Wish you luck!

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