How to play: The mouse is used for moving your planet. Click left mouse button or press spacebar to speed up.

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You take on a role of a cunning planet in a space game called, and your job is to kill all enemies before you get eliminated. As a planet, you have to fly around in space hunting for many stars, then, quickly eat them up to make many orbits pop up around your planet, which gives you more powers to crush the rivals. This will also help increase the size of your planet. Feel free to speed it up to catch up with a prey, which will leave dangerous rings behind. These rings can totally wipe out the enemies when they are close to them or touch them. But you must be very careful because it’s still a chance for you to contact with it yourself, and if this happens, your game will come to an end. The size of the rings will be bigger with the planet’s size. Make sure you will elude the border map while flying around, or else you will get killed instantly. Play it now to see if you can reach the top rank on the leaderboard or not!

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