Conquer Game

How to play: Use the mouse to move your character.

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About Conquer Game

Conquer Game

You will surely stick to Conquer Game for hours and earn yourself a huge amount of fun. Inspired by game, this Strategy game is very addictive to play. You take control of a snake-like character around the map to capture as many blocks around you as possible in order to expand your main territory. You need to connect all the captured blocks back to the main base for the expansion. And for every conquered block or each kill you earn, you will earn a lot of points. Killing the enemies is not hard to do, but it also requires some of the good tactics. You should use your strategies to make them run into your tail, then quickly steal their blocks to expand your realm. At the same time, try your hardest to elude dangerous enemies and prevent them from hitting your tail, or else you will end up getting destroyed. The goal here is to build the largest territory in the arena.

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