Connect 4 IO

How to play: Use the left mouse button to play.

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About Connect 4 IO

Connect 4 IO

Connect4 is a classic strategy game online coming from the .io game series. You will compete against other opponents in challenging matches. Step into the room then get ready for conquering your rival. The main task here is to take your turns to drop your colored disk into a slot on the playing board. You’d better try to drop those pieces carefully until you connect four of them in a row. Your opponent will do the same task, so he/she will do whatever it takes to block your movement. Try your hardest to elude that, and block theirs while advancing yours. The one who connects four pieces in a row first will become the ultimate winner of the match, which is also your main objective in this IO game. Challenge your abilities and play with many friends from across the world. Hope you will have a blast with it! Good luck!

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