How to play: Call for a unit using the left mouse button.

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Present your deploying skills to conquer all challenges in a Strategy Tower Defense game called! You and your opponent have to fight against each other for capturing the castles. Therefore, you must skillfully position a wide range of many units, like swordsmen, horsemen, catapults, archers, and spearmen then let them help you battle against your rival. You should also place some walls, mage towers or even tesla towers, but make sure you place them carefully so they can fight off the enemy attacks easily. Prepare some strategies in advance, then, use them to outplay your opponent. If you let the rival get rid of your castle, it will be a game over for you. Try your hardest to survive all attacks! You need to increase your experience, which allows your troops level up to grow their power. The main goal here is to build your dominance in this arena! Good luck!


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