How to play: Just the mouse and click left to connect the tiles in the game.

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About C4arena


C4arena is more like a classic Strategy game with a multiplayer element. It can remind you of the board game connect that has been played by numerous people in real life. Now, you can enjoy another version of its online with so many friends. Choose a game mode that you like, then, start your challenges! In the game, you and your opponent have to take turns to connect the tiles in a horizontal, diagonal and vertical way. You need to match the tiles carefully and more quickly than your opponent. Attempt to block his movement while expanding yours. The one that succeeds in connecting four tiles of the same color first will become the ultimate winner of the round. You are allowed to select the level of difficulty, from easy, medium to hard. Try to show off your tactics, defeat your opponent so you can win. Are you ready? Let’s join the game now!


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