How to play: Move your character using the mouse. Left click to attack, right click to sprint.

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About is an online fighting game pitting you against new opponents. You will enter a big gladiator arena and try to build your ultimate dominance here to become the ace. To achieve that goal, you must put your efforts into fighting off all enemies using your large mallet. Make sure to swing and wave it skillfully to deal damage to others as well as cause more mayhem in the arena. Don’t forget to upgrade yourself and your weapon by collecting numerous upgrades scattered on the ground. Once upgrading, you will become unstoppable and unbeatable on the battlefield, but that doesn’t mean you don’t defend yourself! Other rivals may counteract you anytime, especially when they have a chance for that. If you get caught off guard, you may get destroyed. So, try to always pay attention to your surroundings during the course of the fight. Are you ready for it? Join it now!

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