How to play: Move your character by using the arrow keys or keys WASD. Charge and plant bombs using the left mouse. Deflect the bomb using the right mouse. Buy an upgrade using keys 1-4 and press spacebar for sprinting.

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In, you fight like a cunning bomber man trying to kill all enemies using your bombs. This is a web browser IO game inspired by the classic Bomberman games. The game is set in a huge arena and drops you into a bombing competition. You will bump into lots of rivals at the same time! Try to roam through the map skillfully planting bombs bear others. When the bombs explode, they will be destroyed for sure, and this is how you kill them. But make sure to protect yourself from their bombs as well, or else you will get blast. Also, you shouldn’t hold your bombs too long since they will explode in your hands. Always stay on the lookout for your surroundings and play with nice tactics so as to beat others more easily. There are plenty of contenders competing against each other, so the chance of winning is so tough. Do not give it up! You must reach the top of the leaderboard to dominate the arena!

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