Blocker Game

How to play: Move your character around the arena by utilizing arrow keys or WASD. Click LMB or tap spacebar to shoot, and use the mouse for aiming.

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About Blocker Game

Blocker Game

There are so many awesome characters that you can play as in an iO-styled game called Blocker Game. Choose your favorite one, such as a shinobi, a warlock, a warrior, a basher, a necromancer, a doctor or even a bomber then begin your challenges now. In this Multiplayer game, you will have to wander around a tricky arena in order to slay all enemies with your abilities and attempt to take over their outposts while defending yours. Keep an eye on the surroundings while moving, and never let any enemies catch you off guard, or else they will end your life. Your chosen character has his strength and skill which can be used to fight off others efficiently. So you need to use it to your advantage. Don’t forget to gather a lot of coins around the map, then you can spend them on purchasing many items, upgrades, and other stuff to your character. Have fun!

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