How to play: Use the mouse to position your buildings. Scroll the camera by using arrow keys or keys WASD.

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Say hi to new players and challenge them to a savage fight in a fun Multiplayer Strategy game called! This is going to be a slashing battle where every player wants to become the best king of all. Your main task is to make a kingdom and do whatever you can to keep it safe from the deadly assaults performed by players. The game features 7 types of buildings for you to place, including snipers, generators, armories, barracks, walls, houses, and turrets. Make sure these buildings will be improved through over time so that they can give you a better defense. You should also go vanquish the lands of other opponents, take over them all and then you can enlarge your territory. A good player will know how to deal with others by using his own tactics. So, you are highly recommended to have your own ones ready, try to survive longer and lead the match.

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