How to play: Move your ship by using keys WASD. Aim and shoot at enemies using the mouse.

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Blast your way through the huge cosmos in and have your skills ready to beat all opponents! This is a great space-themed IO game where you control a spaceship flying around in space to battle against many enemies. You must gather a lot of dispersed food and attempt to destroy the monsters when you are still at a low level. Through over time, your ship will become much more powerful, especially when you level up. Then, you can totally aim at the strong players, wipe them out for earning more points. Do whatever it takes to protect yourself because you may get attacked by the rivals from any directions in space. If you can’t elude their deadly shots in time, you will be destroyed for sure, causing the battle to be over. Be sure to play with nice tactics for a chance to building your supremacy in this cosmos. Good luck!

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