How to play: Bite your enemies using the left mouse or spacebar. Press key W or click right mouse to dash.

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In a huge arena of game, you play as a little cute monster attempting to attack the enemies around the map by biting them. You can only aim at the ones that are smaller than you then quickly bite them all before they get away from you. The more enemies you bite, the larger you are, giving you more power to cope with the dangers around, especially when you encounter with the bigger rivals. Stay away from them if you’re still smaller than them, or else you will get eaten for sure. There are lots of cookies to eat, feel free to absorb them to refill your health and don’t forget to drink water to regenerate your stamina. You’d better strengthen yourself during the course of the fight so you can bite more enemies, which gradually gets you to the highest rank on the leaderboard. Try it now! Wish you luck!

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