How to play: Interact with objects and control by using the mouse. Create your army with key Q, use arrow keys or WASD to scroll the camera.

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About is a cool Multiplayer idle Strategy game that requires all players to prepare good strategies in advance so they can fight against each other. In this iO game, you have a base, and you must do anything you can to defend it from the merciless attacks of enemies. You kick things off by building up a strong army with lots of skilled soldiers. To do so, you need to hit “+1 military power” feature and be sure to make your MP develop gradually so you can totally take over other realms of the opponents. Don’t forget to seize the star bases because they will help you purchase a lot of units which will buff your power. Do not let any opponents capture your lands! You’d better make a great excellent teamwork with your friends so you can defeat the stronger enemies and survive longer. There are several tactics you can follow, such as diplomatic, massive economy as well as demolishing everything. Enjoy the game now!

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