Begods Online

How to play: Just click left mouse button to control your character around the galaxy, and go gather resources for more XP and points.

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About Begods Online

Begods Online

In the world of, you will become a hostile alien trying to gather a bunch of ores as well as minerals for increasing his experience and points. That’s your main objective in this 2D Shooter IO game. You will move around the playfield with your rounded spaceship, attempt to collect as many resources as possible so that you can meet your goal. Once you have earned a lot, you can spend them on various upgrades for your ship. If you bump into enemies, just don’t panic! You should carefully destroy them before they kill you. Stay focused on farming a lot of points, leveling up your enemies faster, then, you will be able to reach the top spot on the leaderboard. When you take over the top rank, you will be able to dominate the entire arena and become the best alien of all. Let’s start the game now! Wish you luck!


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