How to play: Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Click left mouse to fire, or interact with an object. Use the R for reloading, key E for collecting an item, and key G for throwing a grenade.

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In a challenging shooter game online like, you must use your skills and strategies wisely to defeat all opponents. As a trained soldier, you must skillfully move around the map to find weapons then use them to shoot down everything in sight. Apparently, you may find this job very easy to complete, however, this is a large-scale fight, so it’s going to be harder a bit than you thought. It’s better if you always protect yourself from the enemy shots, or else you will get hit, causing the game to be over. Aside from the enemies, you must keep an eye on a danger zone that keeps approaching the play area. All players will be forced to battle against each other before the zone disappears on the map, and the one who survives until the end will become the ultimate winner of the fight. Give it a try now! Wish you luck!

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