How to play: Speed up your ship using key W or up arrow key. Use keys A/D or left/right arrow keys for rotating. Press spacebar to open fire directions, key Q or E to shoot bombs. Click left mouse to move or fire enemies.

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How well can you destroy the enemy ships in a big ocean? Play game now to conquer more challenges and compete against new rivals from across the world. It’s a tough sea battle game that is free to play in your browser. You have to move the big bomb to the headquarters of your enemies by collecting a lot of mine crates along the way. For each crate you gather, the bomb gets closer to the target destination. Also, make sure you gather more experience crates so as to level up your boat. Once your boat is improved with better cannon, you will have more strength to outplay the opponents. However, your ammo will be run out through over time, therefore, you should collect more ammo crates to reload your cannon. Will you become the strongest pirate dominating the whole sea? Jump into the game right now to experience it all!

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