How to play: The mouse is used for controlling your character, and click left mouse button to swing your hammer to kill your opponents.

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Feel free to bash all the evil opponents from around the world in a fantastic and awesome IO game called! You can begin the game with the choice of your favorite avatar. You can set your avatar as a US presidential candidate, a smiley face, or a certain celebrity then head into the arena! Your character is armed with a hammer which will be used to kill the rivals around. Hence, you are supposed to move around the map carefully, collect a bunch of spawning coins to develop the size of hammer, then, swing it cleverly to take out the enemies. Try to get closer to them, kill them instantly and be sure to defend your character from being hit. When the opponents die, you need to collect all of their dead coins for a faster growth. Stay focused on the battle and swinging like a pro! Your main goal is to climb the top of the leaderboard to rule the entire arena.

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