How to play: Direct your character using the mouse. Click the right mouse or key C to run, use the left mouse to speed up, use key X to brake and key F to change the camera.

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About is a fun soccer game that you can be played for free in your browser. You have to compete against so many contenders from across the globe for a chance of touching the crown of the football champion. Pick a team you want to join, the red team or the blue team then head out for the match! You must use your excellent skills to dribble the white ball into the enemy goal for earning points. Some rivals will try to stop you, or even steal your ball. Therefore, you must pay attention to the surroundings to protect yourself and to prevent the enemies from defeating you. You are armed with a power bar which will be run out through over time, so try to refill it by gathering many energy circles on the pitch. You should also work with your teammates to outplay the rival team and lead your team to the final glory.

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