How to play: Use the mouse to control your character. Click left mouse button to lay mines.

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You will begin to make your way through a bunch of challenges, food orbs, mines and enemies in! Give this IO game a try now then take this chance to show off your skills! You will move your character around the map to eat up as many food orbs as possible while trying to dodge the larger ones. The more you absorb, the larger you will become. The game allows you lay mines so that you can kill the enemies easily. However, just make sure you will dodge the mines of others, or else you will be blown up, causing your game to come to an end. Keep focusing on increasing the size of your blob! When you become bigger, you can go fight against other enemies too. Just like, in this one, your main objective is to climb the leaderboard and dominate it! Let’s kick it off now! Good luck!

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