How to play: Move your archer with arrow keys or WASD. Shoot at enemies with the left mouse, and use the right mouse to shoot special weapons when they are available.

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About is a cool Strategy and Upgrades game with some RPG elements. You play as a solitary archer roaming a vast map to kill all enemies by shooting arrows at them. With your bow and arrows, they are powerful main weapons that help you survive. You have to kill everything standing in your way, even if it’s wicked monsters that keep wandering around the playfield. If you gain a lot of kills, you can increase your XP, level up your archer and earn more scores which will help you rise to the top. You should be always watchful for the environments because the enemies can ambush you anytime, especially when they catch you off guard. Also, hiding in a bush is a great way that protects you from being shot by others. Be sure to improve all stats of your character so you can stronger and last longer. Start this IO game now! Have fun!


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