How to play: Use WASD for the movement, use the mouse to look around. Click left mouse to begin power up, lift to fire. Use the right mouse to open emoji, lift to choose emoji. Use key E to collect to change power-ups.

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About Archnemesis


Archnemesis is a nice fast-paced Arcade web browser game that you can join for free. You will have an epic confrontation between you and other skilled online opponents in the same arena. The game allows you to join a tournament or engage in a private game with your friends using the private game. If you choose to play privately, it will create a link that can be shared with your friends, then they can jump into the game easily. But you can choose to join a quick match and compete against online enemies. The in-game task here is to utilize the power-ups, search for the arrows then use them to hit your enemy before they strike you. You must do whatever it takes to become the best player in your group, which is your main objective in this IO game as well. Show off all the skills you have and become the winner! Good luck!

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