How to play: Move your character using WASD. Click left mouse or spacebar for shooting, use key E or the right mouse to pick up items.

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About 5mintokill.io


5mintokill.io is a great game following Battle Royale and .io concepts. In the game, you will enter a large city full of many opponents. You have to destroy them all for a chance of becoming the last one alive. There isn’t any weapon in your hands, so you need to gather some when roaming the city. Pick up a lot of weapons for yourself, like machine guns, shotguns, and rocket launchers then use them to kill the rivals before they attack you with their weapons. You should pick up more ammunition crates to reload your weapons during the course of the game. When in the battle, you should also watch out for the toxic gas slowly moving towards the middle of the map. Do not touch this gas, or else you will meet your end. You need to move as fast as possible while attempting to elude the rival gunfire. Try to play with good strategies so you will have a better chance to win. Good luck!

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