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A Prominent History of Io Games

The .io domain extension has existed since 1997. The initial .io domain was registered in 1998 after Levi Strauss & Co. submitted the domain levi.io.

The IO game genre began in 2015. And Agar.io is considered as the first fun-addicting free online multiplayer browser game in the list, which is inspired by a previous game known as Osmos, where you absorb enough motes to be the largest on the level. However, you will control a cell instead. From that event, Agar.io quickly grew only within a few months. It attracted hundred thousand players worldwide. After that, another Io game called Slither.io also caused a wave of great fans. In which, you will take the role of a snake. And the gameplay has a slight change. Both of them are very famous and popular. One of the most interesting items in IO games is the top position on the leaderboard. It is also the main objective that everybody competes against each other to achieve. Based on that success, a large number of the similar games have been released later. At the present time, the search for “io games” can reach about 48,900,000 results in 0.61 seconds. Indeed, they have created a hot phenomenon in the online gaming community for a long time. Besides, there was no sign of stopping.

The Overall Target of IO Games

Firstly, IO games promise to give you the most memorable moments once you access. Next, you can figure out the hidden abilities. Additionally, you have the chance to show and prove that you can be the best. There are plenty of astonishing secrets inside IO games. From the Options part of the starting screen of most of IO games, you will be able to easily see many different game modes. Aside from playing the challenge alone, you can offer another exciting, Team Mode. That mode will help you become a member of a specific group of players. You can work together with the new friends in order to defeat the opponent. Therefore, IO games normally have two major modes FFA and Team. Nevertheless, you can find much more. Battles, having the cooperation of teammates, are always amazing. You will have the opportunity to learn how to support as well as return the favor. In some cases, sharing the own experience is also necessary to reach the general mission faster. For IO Games, tips and rules play a pivotal role due to you will fight against a huge number of antagonists. Not only that, there is a ranking system located in the corner of the playing field. It will display the existing spot of some special players. The top position is the aim that everyone desires to obtain. Once you are victorious, you will dominate the world map. Don't forget to keep that glory to be the winner of the day!
Let's come back to the IO games list to pick out the favorite game to explore! Good luck!